Rhode Island Fishing Charter & Tour
Trip Preparation

 Reserve your charter date early.  The best dates go fast

Please provide the name and telephone number of where your party can be reached the night before and the day of the trip/charter. Departure time and location to be confirmed the night prior to the charter.

PAYMENT: can be made by cash or check, no credit cards.

IMPORTANT! The Captain will call you the night before the trip (5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.) to confirm that the trip is a GO as charters are contingent on weather and sea conditions.

WHAT YOU SHOULD BRING: Sun screen should be applied prior to boarding the boat and hands washed (as it gets on the gear and when fishing certain species the fish can smell the lotion), sun glasses, a hat that will not blow off your head, soft non marking shoes (preferably with white soles). Wear layers of clothes including a waterproof coat or jacket on the outside as we will be subject to spray.

I will have water on the boat. If you plan to take fish home, bring a cooler but leave it in the car. Storage is limited so just bring what you think you will need for a fishing trip, not a picnic.


NO ALCOHOL, “Open Containers” ON BOARD!

FOOTWEAR: Close toed soft soled shoes (e.g. topsiders, white soled sneakers) are the best choice for boating. Going bare foot or wearing flip-flops is dangerous! This is due to the many sharp toothed fish we catch and they are often dropped on the deck flopping around with mouth open and also making the deck slippery for bare foot people. Dress warm on the cold days (particularly early mornings and late afternoon). Standing on a boat for four hours in a cold wind can chill the heartiest of fishermen. You may be use to the cold but you probably don't stand outside in the wind for four or more hours at a time. Remember it is much colder on the water than on land, particularly in Spring and Fall.

Fishing RI - Trip Preparation


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